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Orthokeratology and Myopia Control


Brothers Jamel & Jaden


Maggie, 9 year old

Varun, High minus, astigmatism, travels 3 hours to our office

Natalia, 6 year old

Natalia and Mom

Natalia, 6 year old (en español)

Shaun, Eagle Scout

James, 20/600


Brianna, Squeamish to start

Grace, Hyperopic Molding

Linda Walton, Part 1

Linda Walton, Part 2


“They are very easy to use. It’s really nice, being able to put the contacts on only at night. No need to worry about glasses or contacts which get lost, sat on, and worn all day! I love my corneal molds so much. All my friends with bad vision wear regular contacts. Some of their glasses are as thick as window glass. Then I’ve told them about my corneal molds, and they ask, “Where do you get those?” I have to say, these orthokeratology contacts (or whatever you call them) are really great!”
“My name is Ari and I am seventeen years old and I am wearing glasses since I was seven years old. My prescription number was getting worse in a shorter span of time as I had to change my prescription glasses every 4-6 months. Luckily, six years ago, we discovered the amazing technology of corneal-molded contact lenses and Dr. Peter Wilcox. I am wearing these lenses while I sleep and that controls my prescription number. Ever since, my number has not changed and is stabilized, and I don’t have to wear everyday glasses or contact lenses and my vision is 20/20. I am very happy using this breakthrough technology and want to thank Dr. Wilcox for his aspiring guidance and supportive mentoring. I am very impressed with this personal experience until now. Also, the fascinating field of Optometry with an influential expert like Dr. Wilcox has further inspired me to possibly purse a career in optometry. It would be fascinating!!”
“I started wearing glasses in the fourth grade and switched to contacts in ninth grade. I started wearing the corneal molds at the beginning of 11th grade. I have now been successfully wearing the corneal molds for a year and a half. I have noticed my vision has improved significantly and I like not having to worry about my old contacts or glasses during the day. The molds are very comfortable to sleep in; I don’t even notice I have them in. I would recommend the corneal molds to everybody.”
“Hi, my name is Megan. I have had glasses and contacts but yet the orthokeratology is the best out of them all. My vision has improved greatly. I am happy with these molds. Ever since I have had the orthokeratology, my eyesight has been amazing. With sports and everything that I do it helps tremendously. I would recommend these to everyone who has glasses or contacts.”
“I love my corneal molds, they have made my life much easier and less stressful. I despised wearing glasses and contacts always made my eyes itchy and dry. The main reason I began to wear the molds however, was that during wrestling matches on my high school team my contacts would constantly be knocked out; leaving me unable to see my opponent. Not having to wear any optical devices during the day has made me more aware and more confident of my vision and myself. The molds have given great vision, the results I got were far better than I expected. I recommend them for anyone.”
“Over the past several years, my daughter Sammie’s eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions were getting progressively stronger; to the point where every three months she needed a change. We couldn’t even finish a box of contacts before her prescription needed to be increased. We finally decided to pursue orthokeratology, which Dr. Wilcox had promoted to us in the past. It has been wonderful. Sam says she sees Great! Her batting average in softball has dramatically improved. It is always great when you can see the ball. She likes not having to worry about the hassle of wearing contacts during the day. As a parent, I am confident that orthokeratology is safe, effective and a healthy alternative to eyeglasses or contacts.”
“After wearing glasses for 2 years, Tommy was starting to realize the challenges of needing to see well while playing contact sports. He hesitated to be fully engaged in the sport because of concern that he would break his glasses. As a parent, I was constantly reminding him be careful with the glasses! The day Tommy received his molds, Dr. Wilcox and his staff took as much time as Tommy needed showing him how to use and feel comfortable with the molds. They also sent Tommy home with clear directions and the case and solutions needed to care for his new molds. It was so exciting to think that Tommy would never have to wear his glasses again! That night, we put his glasses on a shelf in his closet and they haven’t been touched since then – it has been 2 years. With Orthokeratology, poor eyesight is managed in the absolute easies way possible! There are no limitations on which activities to participate in because there is nothing impeding your performance. There is no concern for how to keep glasses on or whether you’ll be able to see “just enough” without glasses on. Orthokeratology gives you the freedom to do exactly what you’d like without thinking about your eyesight. Honestly, I don’t even think about Tommy’s eyesight most of the week. He manages the care of his molds and decides how frequently he needs to wear them at night. We are so grateful to Dr. Wilcox for giving Tommy this opportunity to manage his eyesight without the worries or limitations of traditional glasses or contacts. Boys are so active and spontaneous and Orthokeratology caters right to the busy child’s lifestyle! I was considering daytime contacts when Dr. Wilcox introduced us to the Orthokeratology. After having worn glasses for 2 years, we are so fortunate we didn’t have to incur the expense of daytime contacts and their challenges. Instead, we chose to correct Tommy’s vision at night – while he sleeps. I tell everyone I know how amazing Orthokeratology is. People can’t believe it’s that easy to correct vision. I know when Orthokeratology catches on, you won’t be seeing children with glasses anymore!”
“It’s very hard to notice that I have any vision problems at all. It’s so much easier to keep track of the orthokeratology because they stay in one place during the day. The cases for them are inexpensive and secure. I don’t have to worry about blurry lenses or broken frames anymore! My parents aren’t always reminding me to be careful with my glasses. Dr. Wilcox is very friendly and entertaining, which makes going to the eye doctor a little more fun. I was unsure about how the moldings would feel but they are very easy to get used to. When putting the molds in becomes routine, you barely feel them at night. I think I look much better without glasses. I hope I never wear glasses again!! I can’t believe everyone doesn’t try Orthokeratology – they are so easy to use.”

Scleral Lenses


I am a competitive clay target shooter, and a lifelong contact lens wearer.  I had been getting increasingly frustrated and discouraged over the years as I couldn’t achieve clear vision with soft contact lenses.  Windy days, any dust or pollen, and dry eyes resulted in blurry, uncomfortable lenses, visual distortion, and my scores and day to day life suffered as a result.  The astigmatism in my dominant eye could not ever be corrected to my satisfaction.  I had tried rigid gas permeable lenses in the past, and liked the clarity and correction they offered, but hated the discomfort – I wanted to rip them out of my eyes after a couple of hours.  The last straw came when my previous eye doctor said, “This is as good as it’s going to get!”  That was unacceptable to me and I headed straight home and started researching my options – there had to be a solution. 

I started finding references to Scleral lenses from athletes who compete in sports where vision is crucial and read rave reviews about the crystal clear vision and comfort they offered.  I discovered that scleral lens fitting is a very specialized practice, and I figured I’d have to travel some distance to find a professional who could take the time and had the expertise to work with me.  I kept finding informative articles and references from a Dr. Peter Wilcox – and then discovered his practice is almost in my backyard! 

Dr. Wilcox and his staff have been incredible in assessing my eye care needs and individually tailoring vision care services for me.  Dr. Wilcox is passionate and meticulous about his craft, and I have been so impressed with his continual quest for perfection….all to ensure I have the best possible vision for my sport and for my life.  Scleral lenses and the relationship I have built with Dr. Wilcox have been life-changing.  I adore my comfortable scleral lenses – my shooting scores are up and I’m enjoying seeing things at a level of detail I could only imagine before.  The next time your eye doctor says “This is as good as it’s going to get”, call Dr. Wilcox and find out what “good” can really can be!


Ocular Disease


Optical Boutique


Refractive Surgery